Porsche 911 991 Turbo carbon parts manufactured in carbon fiber prepreg autoclave molded at high temperature & pressure with twill 2×2 200 gr fabric and  final lacquering clearcote gloss 90.

These match perfectly the oem exterior carbon parts in terms of material quality, fabric, weave and finish.

Install of the parts as replacement of existent plastic ones, except the parts listed as “cover” which have to be bonded.

Front parts:

  • carbon front air inlet inserts mk1 
  • carbon front spoiler mk1 mk2 ( no Tequipment Aerokit)
  • carbon front bonnet hood 991 Carrera style mk1 mk2
  • carbon front bonnet hood with NACA vents GT2 RS “Weissach” Style mk1mk2

Side parts:

  • carbon side air intake mk1 mk2
  • carbon sideskirts GT2 RS style mk1 mk2
  • carbon  mirror covers “Sportdesign” mk1 mk2 (left hand drive only)
  • carbon triangle shells mk1 mk2
  • carbon kickplates door sills mk1 mk2

Rear parts:

  • carbon rear wing mk1 mk2 ( no Tequipment Aerokit)
  • carbon rear air outlet inserts mk1
  • carbon rear diffuser & exhaust surround trims mk1
  • carbon external roof panel GT3 RS style mk1 mk2
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