Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS

Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS (mk1 – mk2) . Carbon fiber exterior parts made to replace the orginal plastic ones

Car will benefit of a consistent lightweight and of an awesome carbon fiber eye catch look while maintaining the original OEM style of GT3 RS.

Sforza Carbon body kit affects the following areas:

Front parts:

  • carbon front Spoiler with side appendages mk1
  • carbon front fenders louvers covers mk1
  • carbon front hood Carrera style mk1, mk2
  • carbon front hood with NACA vents GT2 RS “Weissach” Style mk1, mk2

Side parts:

  • carbon side air intakes mk1
  • carbon sideskirts GT2 RS style mk1, mk2
  • Carbon Mirror upper covers “Sportdesignmk1 mk2 (left hand drive only)
  • Carbon Triangle shells mk1 mk2

Rear parts:

  • carbon rear trunk cover grill mk1
  • carbon rear wing end plates mk1
  • carbon exterior roof panel mk1 mk2
  • carbon rear diffuser with side appendages mk1
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