Ferrari 812 new carbon fiber components made in Italy by Sforza for Superfast and GTS models.

Manufactured in carbon fiber prepreg autoclave molded at high temperature and pressure cured with clearcote gloss finish with exposed carbon weave same as oem factory parts.

Ideal spare parts to upgrade the look of F8 while maintaining the original style and tecnhichal properties.

Front parts:

  • Winglet spoilers front bumper ( Superfast – GTS)
  • Air intake aperture front bumper (Superfast – GTS)

Side parts:

  • Rocker panels side skirts (Superfast – GTS)
  • Kickplates door sills (Superfast – GTS)
  • Fender shield

Rear parts:

  • Aerodynamic lid panel (Superfast)
  • Lower diffuser (Superfast)
  • Side fairings exhaust surround ( Superfast – GTS)
  • Rear Diffuser (GTS)
  • Tail-light surrounds satellites ( Superfast)
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