Sforza proposal to upgrade the Ferrari 458 Italia aim to further enhance the style of the born-in-Maranello V8, replacing the original components made of plastic material or metal with carbon fiber replicas.

In details, the Sforza upgrade touch these areas of the 458 Italia:

  • Complete kit for the engine bay including : n. 2 side panels, n.1 firewall bulkhead, n. 1 lock bulkhead, n.1 airbox cover
  • Complete kit for front trunk including: n. 4 side panels and n. 2 fuel tank caps
  • Rear diffuser assembly: n. 1 rear diffuser with internal and external fins
  • Rear fog light trim shields
  • Front Wings
  • B Pillars ( Spider)
  • Rocker panels Aero fins ( Speciale)
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