Sforza’s plan for Ferrari F430 upgrade acts in three areas of the car, with huge impact on the look appreciated by enthusiasts of both prancing horse and carbon fiber. Sforza parts replace the original ones maintaining the distinctive style of F430.
All carbon fiber parts are manufactured in carbon fiber prepreg autoclave molded, cured clearcote gloss 90.

Componenti anteriori:

  • Spoiler anteriore –  CoupèSpider
  • Spoiler anteriore Scuderia – 16M
  • Paratie vano baule e serratura –  CoupèSpider Scuderia16M

side parts:

  • Rocker panels sideskirts Scuderia style – Coupè SpiderScuderia16M
  • Fender shields – CoupèSpiderScuderia16M

Interior parts:

  • Kickplates door sills Scuderia style – CoupèSpiderScuderia16M
  • Levers shift paddles F1 – CoupèSpiderScuderia16M
  • Levers shift paddles F1 wide – Coupè SpiderScuderia16M
  • Central console dashboard Scuderia
  • Steering wheel upgrade and new leatherings  ( on request only, steering wheel supplied by Customer)CoupèSpiderScuderia16M

Rear parts:

  • Rear bumper moulding connector for “Challenge grill” – CoupèSpider
  • Rear connector ” Challenge Grill” – CoupèScuderia
  • Rear connector “Challenge Grill” – Spider16M
  • Rear diffuser with fins  – Scuderia
  • Rear  engine  bonnet carbon grills surrounds Coupè

Engine bay parts:

  • Side panels & firewall panel  – CoupèScuderia
  • Side panels – Spider16M
  • Airboxes – CoupèScuderia
  • Cooling tank cover – CoupèSpiderScuderia16M
  • Lid lock shield panel – CoupèScuderia 
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